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CCP Convening PowerPoints

The Community of Practice colleges convened in Newport Beach on March 26th and  27th for two days of peer support and strategy development.  There were powerful visions explored, and intentional work around how to move forward with greater impact for foster youth on our campuses.


Attached are the PowerPoints shared during the two days.  Pictures will be posted soon!WHC Leverages Resources CCP March 2014 Convening FINAL 326 FYSS Leveraging Resources Norco Coaching and Education b2b powerpoint_March 2014


Former Foster Youth in CA now eligible for Medi-Cal until 26!

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, youth who were in foster care at age 18 or older now qualify for free health care until they turn 26. Previously, Medi-Cal coverage for former foster youth ended at age 21. The ACA’s extension of coverage to age 26 fills a critical need for former foster youth who haven’t had the same option as their peers to stay on a parent’s insurance plan.

Most former foster youth don’t know about this new and exciting opportunity.  Attached are a Fact Sheet and a Youth Flyer developed by Children Now for distribution and information regarding further resources.

Coveredtil26_Factsheet Coveredtil26_YouthFlyer

CCP College Workplan Template

Blank workplan template from the 2013 Community College Pathways for Former Foster Youth (CCP) Community of Practice Launch:

Download the template file here

Community College Pathways 2.0 is Underway!

We are posting final proposals and workplans for the CCP 2.0 Community of Practice (ComP) on this e-community.  These documents represent the innovative thinking engaged in by college leadership teams—outlining the reach of the CCP grants through the colleges to students from foster care.  They also serve as ComP resource documents as we work together to deepen and improve strategies that support foster youth in achieving their educational and career goals.

WHCC CCP FY Workplan final

Pasadena CCP Proposal Final

WHCC CCP Proposal Final

Skyline CCP Proposal Final

Los Angeles Harbor CCP Proposal Final

CCP Launch Event Agenda – May 15, 2013

Take a look at the agenda that launched the new Community College Pathways initiative for 2013!

Objectives achieved by the eight colleges participating included:

  • Increased college understanding of the CCP Initiative
  • Fostered college relationships and the Community of Practice
  • Exchanged  effective practices to improve student success


CCP Launch Event agenda 5 15 2013 FINAL


College Workplans from CCP Community of Practice Launch May 2013

Photographs of the workplans from the 2013 Community College Pathways for Former Foster Youth(CCP) Community of Practice Launch:

May2013-ccp-careerladdersproject-_DFP2096 May2013-ccp-careerladdersproject-_DFP2095 May2013-ccp-careerladdersproject-_DFP2094 May2013-ccp-careerladdersproject-_DFP2092

Share Your Stories

Share Your Story – Make Your Mark in American History

To honor May as National Foster Care Month, Members of Congress will share stories from foster youth on the floor of the House of Representatives. The stories will be heard by other Members of Congress and entered into the Congressional Record, forever archived as a piece of our nation’s history.

Tell us your story so that Members may bring awareness to the struggles and successes you experience with the foster care system.