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Community College Pathways 2.0 is Underway!

We are posting final proposals and workplans for the CCP 2.0 Community of Practice (ComP) on this e-community.  These documents represent the innovative thinking engaged in by college leadership teams—outlining the reach of the CCP grants through the colleges to students from foster care.  They also serve as ComP resource documents as we work together to deepen and improve strategies that support foster youth in achieving their educational and career goals.

WHCC CCP FY Workplan final

Pasadena CCP Proposal Final

WHCC CCP Proposal Final

Skyline CCP Proposal Final

Los Angeles Harbor CCP Proposal Final


Solicitation for Participation Documents for CCP 2.0

Community College Pathways for Foster Youth Letter of Intent, Solicitation for Participation, and Budget Template for 2013


CCP LOI Invitation

CCP Proposal Budget Form

CCP Solicitation for

Solicitation for Participation Docs

Community College Pathways for Foster Youth Guidelines to report on your 2010-11 Grant objectives and achievements as well as a proposal for the work going forward

CCP Solicitation for Participation 2011
CCP Proposal Budget Form
CCP Workplan 

Please submit  by August 31, 2011.

CLP is available to collaborate with you in the preparation process, and following submission, we will follow up with a process of engagement to clarify and refine written materials.

CCP Proposal Documents

Please take a look at the following examples from CCP proposals.

Helpful Excerpts from CCP College Proposals

CCP Implementation Plan Form

CCP Solicitation for Participation